The Draft Bill on Dispatch Labor in Taiwan Protects Employers rather than Employees

Tue, 03/04/2014 – 06:06 — wkf

A report by Labor Vision Taiwan.

In February the Ministry of Labor Affairs in Taiwan approved a draft bill that aims to govern the use of temporary contract workers. The draft calls for a cap on the number of such workers at 3 percent of the total workforce of a company or organization in order to maintain job security for full-time workers. It also asks employers to make dispatch workers regular employees if their assignments last at least one year.

This report criticizes the draft for containing numerous loopholes that will allow more companies to use dispatch workers at appalling wage levels. It also calls for the right of the workplace unions in the host companies to enter into collective bargaining with the dispatch companies, and also for the dispatch workers to organize their own unions which encompass all dispatch labors in the same industry, implying that the Taiwan union movement has to recognize pluralism among trade unions.

The report is only available to download in Chinese